The Kinswah Reflective started when Christopher William Kinsey decided it was time to release some of his creative writing to the wider world. Its initial purpose was to act as a blog that would help navigate the murky waters of independent publishing.

Deciding it was best to have a trial run, the novels were held in reserve and Financial Fair Prejudice, an essay focusing on football’s Financial Fair Play laws, was released on Kindle and found greater success than expected.

This led to the birth of The Football Reflective within the original site. After a few years of writing on the beautiful game, Kinsey completed a journalist internship for Snack Media, producing just shy of one hundred articles for the FootballFanCast.

Under various pseudonyms, Kinsey has released multiple novels, with several under his name (C.W. Kinsey) ready for publication.

Following the pandemic and a period of hibernation for The Kinswah Reflective, it relaunched as The Reflective Page. It is still a place for critical reviews on movies, the small screen, music and sport, whilst serving as a literary gateway.

Send thoughts and suggestions via Twitter (@ReflectivePage).


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