Evil Dead Alive and Good

Evil Dead Alive and Good
Hollywood likes a reboot or remake and the horror genre has seen plenty of attempts in recent years. The Evil Dead franchise has been the latest to receive such treatment in a potentially unique idea that may see the original series (now termed Army of Darkness) run alongside new films to set up a merger movie in the future. Like a horror Avengers.

Evil Dead (2013) doesn’t rely on the name it uses to make the film sustainable, it works very hard to be its own beast. There are scenes that pay homage to the original but it has its own feel that successfully combines horror suspense and psychological edginess with full on gore. I usually prefer the former but there were times during the movie I was hoping we’d get a gore scene just to give my unease a rest, such was the effectiveness of the creeps. Director Fede Alvarez flicks between styles with apparent ease whilst keeping the plot moving forward. I’m sure producer and the original man in the hot seat, Sam Raimi, looked on with great comfort knowing that the name Evil Dead has a healthy future.  


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